The Company

Molinos Asociados S.A.C. was founded in May 2007 in Lima, Peru, with the aim of processing the fruits of the Peruvian tara tree. With the help of new technologies, human resources and an effective business strategy, the company has been able to position itself among the leaders in the industry in a very short time.

Misión y Visión

To be the leaders in export sales and local market of Peruvian Tara Derivatives. Thanks to the best quality standards, low costs and better human capital as well as respect for the principles of biodiversity.

To satisfy the needs demanded by the local and international market, introducing natural products to all possible industries.

Integrated Logistics

The supply chain is the most critical part of the business, as it is a traditionally wild harvested product. Molinos Asociados S.A.C. has a successful supply strategy and efficient practices, always respecting its strategic partners in the value chain.

So we were able to increase their market share from 6% in 2009 to 20% in 2011 and that continues to increase.

Committed to service

The company today has about 90 employees, is extremely committed to its customers and through implemented procedures has managed to develop the best quality controls.

In view of the future, Molinos Asociados S.A.C. will continue to develop the added value of this Peruvian Tara Tree through its qualified Research and Development personnel.


A completely mechanical production process guarantees a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product. No solvents or chemicals.


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