Tara Gum

Give texture and volume to your ice cream or gluten-free recipes such as cookies, cakes, breads.

Tara gum is a natural thickener obtained only by mechanical processes of separation and grinding of the endosperm of the Tara seed, ensuring a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product. Without chemical products unlike other gums in the market.

Molinos Asociados

A company founded in Lima, Peru in 2007 with the objective of processing and generating added value to the fruit of the Peruvian tara tree. With the help of new technologies, human resources and an effective business strategy, it has been possible to place among the leading companies in the industry.

What is Tara?

Tara is a legume native to the Andes. It has been used since the Incas ruled the territory now known as Peru as a medicine for irritated skin, natural black dye for their clothes, tannin for leather and even as a money saver due to its diverse uses and non-perishable characteristics.

Today the Andean communities still use it and collect as much as they can to sell it to large industrial companies, which means a very important economic income. We are very aware of this, so we help them with fair trade and some training to identify good quality tara pods and cultivate them correctly so that they can offer us the best raw material.

Tara Gum


We are convinced that innovation and agility in the processes are fundamental pillars to generate value to the food offered by our Peruvian diversity.

Herbert Telge Noriega


Bulk Products

We have products made from Tara derivatives (pods, endosperm and germ) with which we generate added value to this Peruvian fruit.

Retail Products