Adex: Tara exports total US $ 32.3 million between January and August 2018

The export of tara added US $ 32 million 372,000 between January and August of this year, amount greater in 19% with respect to the same period of 2017, indicated the Association of Exporters (Adex).

“The average price of the tare has been falling since 2012, and this positive variation was explained by the higher dispatched volume, which went from 16,005 tons to 17,563 tons in the referred period,” said the vice president of the Natural Products Committee of the Adex, Herbert Telge.

Currently the production of tara is regulated by the Forestry and Wildlife Law, for which Telge considered that an ad-hoc legal framework is needed.

“It receives the same treatment of a forest product and has very little support,” he said.

In this regard, he described as essential to apply different promotion strategies, according to that crop, review the aspects of pest and genetic control and promote agricultural production with agronomic techniques.

Export figures
Between January and August, the main markets of the tare, out of a total of 44, were China (US $ 7 million 699,000), Italy (US $ 4 million 211,000), Brazil (US $ 3 million 695,000), followed by Argentina, Mexico, Germany, USA, Spain, France, among others.